2019 Indivisible OC-48 State Senate Candidate Endorsement: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between a straw poll and the endorsement? 

Indivisible OC 48 will be holding a non-scientific straw poll, immediately after the State Senate Forum on October 21st, using the digital instant polling application Direct Poll.

A QR Code for the Direct Poll “straw poll” will be provided at the forum for the attendants of the forum. The straw poll will only be available to the attending participants, and the number of participants in the poll will directly reflect the number of checked in attendants. Attempts at fraud by sharing the poll when it is live will result in the straw poll being cancelled.

The results are reflective of the opinions of the polled attendees of the forum, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Indivisible OC 48, or our partner organisations. The releasing of this data is an act of transparency and not an endorsement. Straw Poll results will not have an effect on the Endorsement Results. The straw poll questions are:

1.) Which candidate most closely reflected your values?

2.) Which candidate has the best handling/understanding of the topics covered in this forum. 

3.) If the election were held today, which candidate would you vote for?

4.) Before tonight’s event did you consider yourself an undecided voter?

5.) After tonight's event do you consider yourself an undecided voter?

Unlike the straw poll, which will be a non-scientific “pulse test”on the night of the forum only open to forum attendees, an endorsement will be a thorough online processes after the forum with an open voting period for voters who registered with Indivisible OC 48 October 28, 8am, to November 2nd, 12pm.

Will Indivisible OC 48 be endorsing? 

Starting October 28 2019, Indivisible OC-48 will begin an online endorsement process to endorse one candidate before the 2020 Congressional Primaries on March 3, 2020.

When are we endorsing?

We are excited to announce that following our California State Senate Candidate Forum on October 21st, Indivisible OC 48 will initiate a process to result in the endorsement of a candidate for the State Senate SD-37. Voting will be open from October 28, 8am pacific time, to November 2nd, 12pm pacific time. 

Why are we endorsing?

As part of our mission to provide a platform for citizen activists to engage in efforts to ensure our elected officials uphold our values, we believe that we must empower our members to distinguish and support candidates who support our values of anti-racism, inclusion, empowerment, equality, fairness, the belief in a strong democracy, environmental justice and conservation.

How are we endorsing?

Indivisible OC 48 will be using the fee-based online election tool. We will be polling our members with the following question:

Select one candidate that will best reflect and uphold the values of Indivisible OC 48 during their time in the California State Senate, and thusly deserves Indivisible OC 48’s official endorsement.

Who can be part of this process?

Citizens of California’s 37th State Senate District who are 16 years old or older, are eligible to vote in the endorsement from within Orange County.  While some may find this approach more controversial, we are using the same model of inclusivity we employed in our endorsement process in 2018. So, registered to vote in california or not, citizen or immigrant or future voter, you are all eligible to vote in this endorsement process. We will be confirming voters location using IP address verification, matched with registration information.     


How do I participate?

Indivisible OC 48 will be sending out an email announcement to everyone who has attended ANY of our ticketed events (e.g., town hall, debates) to provide information on the endorsement election.

 If you DO NOT receive an email by Wednesday October 23rd, or are unsure if you are signed up in any way, email us at info@ioc48.com to request an e-ballot (Please ATTN: ENDORSEMENT ELECTION in the subject title). 

If you have not attended an Indivisible OC 48 event, you can register to vote using this link. https://forms.gle/xZbTWLAs4srhMQVc7.

Once verified, every voter will be given a specific code you cannot share, so every voter which wishes to participate must fill in the form. 

New voters can request an e-ballot up to 6pm Pacific on October 30th.


Is this online election tool really secure?

There are four non-voting election managers (Aaron McCall, Sara Lowell, Lulu Hammad, and Andrea Bird-Steiner) who will be overseeing the election, but the system does not allow us to make any changes to the ballot once the election is live. Each voter will be given personal Voter ID and Voter Key and will have to input both when going online to vote. When voting closes, the program will produce a Voter Audit Report and flag any voter fraud. We will be going through this in detail.  There are many ways this system detects voter fraud and we have tested them successfully. Please do not throw away your single, legitimate vote by attempting to vote multiple times. We will know and have to throw all your votes out. Voter fraud is considered a malicious act and will result in your disqualification from participating in any future IOC48 endorsements as well as your expulsion from all Indivisible OC 48 social media.


How does a candidate win endorsement?

People have to vote for them! A vote is an expression of support. Endorsement will be determined by a simple majority.


So there it is. We want to be as transparent with you all as possible, so if you have any questions or want to have a discussion please let us know by emailing us at info@ioc48.com