Tuesdays with Dana, 1/16/18

Today in front of congressman Dana Rohrabacher's office, the Indivisible OC 48 folks stood up for the over 800,000 DACA recipients who are being used as pawns in the trump administration's attempt to exert their draconian immigration policies on an electorate that overwhelmingly disagrees with such measures. By preying on the widespread popularity of the DACA program, trump is hoping to make a deal for their protection contingent upon the addition to the federal budget discriminatory immigration policies that America has stated loudly and clearly are unacceptable to the very idea of America. A promise has been made to these upstanding citizens, and this promise is under threat of being broken. When the United States government forms a contract with its constituents, it is incumbent on that government to honor the promises made, or suffer the stain of the destruction of public faith. Today in trump's dark America, we are seeing more and more promises broken both domestically and internationally. We have stood in line to be heard by our congressional representative, and we saw the door closed in our faces. We are showing the people of Orange County that when you try to silence Americans who will fight for what is right and decent, that we will work together to ensure that the promise of democracy is kept.

Watch the video here.

Tuesdays with Dana, 12/5/17

Today in Huntington Beach, CA the Indivisible OC 48 troops were out in force to remind congressman Dana Rohrabacher that we represent his constituency, and that we are unhappy with the current state of affairs in the Trump administration. As the congress pushes the transfer of wealth to the donor class and corporate interests under the guise of tax reform, the government budget still must be passed by December 8th.

Tuesdays with Dana, 11/28/17

The constituents of the CA48 gathered again this week to show fundamental and broad disapproval of congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Rohrabacher recently mentioned in a New York Times article entitled "He's a Member of Congress. The Kremlin Likes Him So Much It Gave Him a Code Name,"  that his constituents "couldn't care less about [Russia]... They are concerned about the taxes on their home. They are concerned about illegal immigrants coming into their neighborhood and raping people."

Press Release - Constituents express cautious relief over news that Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is currently being investigated, and demand sub-committee removal

November 10, 2017, Huntington Beach – Constituents express cautious relief over news that Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is currently being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for emails and a meeting between President Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Constituents from CA District 48 have been gravely concerned by the reports of their Congressman’s ties to the Kremlin. Indivisible OC-48 has been leading the calls to the FBI to include their District’s Representative in the Russia investigation.

Dana Rohrabacher is commonly known as “Putin’s Favorite Congressman.” In 2012, the FBI warned Mr. Rohrabacher against potential recruitment efforts of the Russian government. more recently, the Congressman has been embroiled in the Trump/Russia scandal as reports surfaced of his meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, the lawyer at the center of the Russia probe.  It became evident that Rep. Rohrabacher has attempted to use the Congress floor to host a form of a “show trial” using Russian propaganda materials provided by the Kremlin. Rohrabacher’s actions has led House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Congressman Ed Royce to place several restrictions on the sub-committee he chairs and to fire his staffer Paul Behrends, in addition to limiting Rohrabacher’s committee sanctioned travel.

Aaron McCall, Chairperson of Indivisible OC-48 said, “We believe the FBI investigation is moving in the right direction.  As his constituents, we have repeatedly asked to meet with Rep. Rohrabacher to discuss our concerns and demand answers.  Our Congressman continues to ignore us. The integrity of California’s 48th District Representative is no laughing matter, and we believe an in depth investigation into Rep. Rohrabacher is past due.”  McCall added that in addition to the investigation by Special Counsel Muller, constituents are calling for investigations by the House Ethics Committee, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and for Chairman Ed Royce to remove Rep. Rohrabacher from the House Foreign Affairs Committee until the investigations are completed. “Until there are satisfying answers provided by the congressman and the investigations, complete removal from this committee is the only way to protect American interests, and maintain the rule of law,” he said.

Congressman Rohrabacher has long been considered a possible national security threat, not just by his constituents, but even by his colleagues. In an infamous recording of Congressional Leaders talking about Trump  in 2016,  House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said , “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump”. These statements were later dismissed as a “joke.” It’s time Rep. Ed Royce stand up and say that national security is not something congress takes lightly.