Tuesdays with Dana, 10/10/17

Today we stood outside our congressman's Huntington Beach offices to advocate for the protection of our environment. This action theme is in response to the Trump administration's attempts to undermine existing environmental protections and their overall denial of climate science and an aggressive policy agenda to protect carbon-emitting industry over the future of our planet and future generations for whom we hold our world in trust. Our congressman, Dana Rohrabacher has a voting record and an ideological stance that is against climate science, and he has demonstrated that he has no political will to protect the coastline in his district, nor does he have a record in the House of Representatives of advocating for the environment and its preservation in the nation as a whole.

Of significant local import is the proposed Poseidon desalination plant, which is a massive, private/corporate desalination project under development in Huntington Beach. We want to remind Orange County residents that the plant is a dangerous undertaking, as it will endanger coastal ocean ecosystems at exorbitant cost to all of Orange County. The project is unnecessary, as we currently have water resources until 2040. Additionally, the existing water recycling plant in Orange County is under expansion, and will provide twice the water proposed by the Poseidon plant at a fraction of the cost. Desalination is an energy intensive method of water production, and would undermine California's carbon emission reduction goals. There is a town hall meeting tomorrow at 7PM at Eader Elementary to offer local Orange County residents more information about the project and what can be done to advocate against it. This meeting is preparation for action at the State Lands Commission Meeting in the City Council Chambers on Thursday, October 19th.