Tuesdays with Dana, 10/3/17

Today we continued our weekly vigil in front of congressman Dana Rohrabacher's Huntington Beach office. The month of October will be devoted to environmental issues for Indivisible OC 48. The desalination plant in Huntington Beach is reaching critical mass in local legislative processes, and the devastation by hurricanes in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the USVI bring the issue of climate change and environmental protections to the forefront of the national debate. At the same time, however, the torrent of issues for which we fight remain relevant simultaneously. For example, Congressman Rohrabacher has co-sponsored the SHARE Act, a bill with a provision that will ease the regulations on gun silencers, and while the bill has come under scrutiny with the recent shooting of republican congressman Steve Scalise as well as the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday. While the bill will be criticized and likely delayed, we are well aware of Rohrabacher's stance on gun control. We stood outside his office today to demand sensible gun laws and continue our fight for a representative in congress who will stand for the people of Orange County and advocate for their safety and preservation.