Tuesdays with Dana, 10/31/17

Indivisible OC 48 joined this week on Halloween to show solidarity in the fight against the Trump agenda and our own Dana Rohrabacher's complicity in the horror that is being perpetrated by the GOP. Some constituents dressed as zombies and figures of death to emphasize the fact that many efforts by congressional lawmakers to pass legislation have failed repeatedly, but the GOP congress continues to foist them on the people and resurrect these affronts to decency like zombies. The attempt to repeal our current health care laws is one such example. Additionally, in light of the Special Counsel's recent indictments showing evidence that the investigation into Russian election meddling and Trump collusion bears fruit, we celebrate the impending death knell for the GOP. Despite the events and facts pouring forth, the avid Trump supporters and GOP loyalists continue to insist that the Clintons are to blame.

We were joined by CA-48 congressional candidate Hans Kierstead, who mentioned that former head of the Trump campaign and recently indicted Paul Manafort had given political contributions to our congressman, Dana Rohrabacher after a dinner the two had together. Kierstead reminded us to ask the congressman to return that money in light of Manafort's indictments for money laundering and other crimes against the United States. I will personally attest to the fact that Rohabacher's staff really don't like being asked about this. We must amplify our voices on this and other matters in order to hold Rohrabacher accountable to his constituents.