Tuesdays with Dana, 12/12/17

Yesterday the people of Indivisible OC 48 joined together with members of labor unions and Organizing for Action to send the message to congressman Dana Rohrabacher that the GOP tax bill is bad for Orange County, and bad for American families. Congressman Rohrabacher previously voted nay to the House version of the bill, and while it is in committee this week, a new vote on the reconciled bill is coming. The reconciled bill will likely not have many improvements, and we want to make sure Rohrabacher remains a nay vote. The California republicans in congress could sway the vote, but it is unlikely that they will act in concert despite the fact that this measure is designed to disproportionately hurt Californians with higher tax liability and the closure of deductions like home mortgage interest and state and local taxes. It is time for all Californians to tell their representatives in congress to stand up for them against a poorly conceived tax reform legislation that is no more than a tax cut for the wealthiest among us. In light of the rejection of Trump and the GOP in the fifth reddest state in the nation last night in Alabama's special election for Senate, it is a timely opportunity to pressure our republican congress members to stand up for American families.