Tuesdays with Dana, 12/5/17

Today in Huntington Beach, CA the Indivisible OC 48 troops were out in force to remind congressman Dana Rohrabacher that we represent his constituency, and that we are unhappy with the current state of affairs in the Trump administration. As the congress pushes the transfer of wealth to the donor class and corporate interests under the guise of tax reform, the government budget still must be passed by December 8th. We want to hold our government accountable for the promise made to Dreamers to include the DREAM Act in the funding bill. As the tax bill is in committee, the GOP must reconcile the two bills created in the House and Senate, and each house must again pass the same bill that comes out of committee. This will allow the details of the bill to be exposed to more public scrutiny, and it will allow us the time and opportunity to express opposition. We must take advantage of the collision of the congressional budget and the GOP's will to pass tax reform to declare a merely symbolic victory. Today we fight for Dreamers. Today we fight against dishonesty in tax reform, and dishonesty in congress and the White House.