Dana Rohrabacher Thought to Be Easy Target by Russian Spies, FBI says

Today the New York Times reports that as early as 2012, California congressman Dana Rohrabacher was seen to be an easy target for influence by Russian spy apparatus. The FBI warned Rohrabacher that he was seen by Russians as a "target of influence." The Times reports that they didn't consider Rohrabacher was working with the Russians, nor was there evidence that he had accepted any money from them, but in the same meeting House Intelligence Committee members had to remind Rohrabacher that the Russians were our adversary. When questioned about the Russian interference in the 2016 election, Rohrabacher has consistently offered moral equivalencies and a soft stance on Russian-American relations.

As the Russian interference in the 2016 election has become irrefutable, the republican congress is left to answer many questions. Rohrabacher defends the Trump campaign and asserts that the campaign was full of savvy operatives who had to know that any foreign official they made contact with would possibly be working in intelligence.

The Indivisible OC 48 group has been working tirelessly to get the congressman to meet face to face to address concerns wrought by the contentious election and the scandals plaguing the Trump administration, along with the legislative agenda that could adversely affect large swaths of voters in the 48th congressional district. Rohrabacher has continually refused to do so as he criticizes this group of constituents. Recently he asserted that Indivisible members in his district are trying to 'create their own political reality.' This from a man who, in a drunken fit of frat-boy bravado, decided to settle the Cold War with Putin in an arm wrestling match.

The reality is that the Russian Federation began a bold initiative to influence American politics and sway Russian-US relations by infusing cash into US lobbying groups more than a decade ago. The Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed Robert Mueller, ex FBI Director, to lead the investigation into the Russian interference into the 2016 election and any possible Trump campaign ties. The question remains as to whether that investigation will come to Rohrabacher's door. Today the Indivisible OC 48 will stage an impromptu street action in Laguna Beach at 6:30PM to demand the investigation of congressman Rohrabacher in light of the recent revelations that Senate Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy joked in July 2016 that Putin was paying Trump and Rohrabacher.