Tuesday with Dana, 5/9/17

Another Tuesday, and another group of Indivisibles went down to stand outside the offices of CA-48th congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, in our waiting-for-Godot political theatrical style. We were joined by journalists from the Daily Pilot, covering the event and the larger issue of the Indivisible OC 48's efforts to demand accountability from our representative. The mood at these events is becoming gradually more energized, as congress works to pass the American Health Care Act, a bill still yet to be scored by the CBO. This healthcare bill will affect his entire constituency, while 316,000 residents of the 48th have pre-existing conditions. Despite the GOP's efforts to hold to the talking point that the AHCA will cover pre-existing conditions, they fail to mention the added cost to the insured as a result of the bill. 

Indivisible OC 48 at Tuesdays with Dana, May 9th, 2017.