Rohrabacher Speaks Heresy in the House Against His Own GOP Terror Hawks

When House Majority Leader Kevin McCarty told his colleagues in a closed-door meeting last summer that he thought Putin was paying two people, one of them was our congressman, Dana Rohrabacher. While the statement caused some fast pedaling in the GOP when the Washington Post declared they possessed audio of the GOP locker room talk, it revealed the reality that Dana Rohrabacher is a considered a fringe element in his own party, as well as a target for mockery and suspicion. Last week, in a House hearing on Hezbollah, Rohrabacher again stepped neck deep in the pool of shame and embarrassment when he made blasphemous statements about the recent attack in Iran on the parliament building. As reported by the Hill, Rohrabacher suggested that it might be a "good thing for us to have the United States finally backing up Sunnis who will attack Hezbollah and the Shiite threat to us?"

This is a statement that is both callous and not very well thought out, but rather unsurprising in the history of Rohrabacher's outlandish views. He since walked back the statement, according to the Daily Caller today. The oddity of his ramble on the hill is striking is many ways. The statement is heretical in that his party relies on fear mongering about the Islamic State, firing up the right to live in a state of Islamophobic paranoia that has given birth to the nationalist ideology inherent in the America First outcry. At the same time it is simply a flagrantly fringe and childish statement to make, perhaps indicative of the congressman's need to shock norms without forethought. Even his own Facebook page, which is ripe with his own base of alt-right support, went crazy over his statement, likely spurring his retraction.

This recent Rohrabacher sighting in the national news should be capitalized on for what it is, and for what it represents to midterm voters in 2018. Speaking blasphemy to his very own base might, if the news travels far and loud enough, just make them stay home on election day.