Press Release: Southern California Indivisible and Progressive Groups Condemn Attacks on Congressman Scalise and other Victims of Virginia Shooting.

June 14, 2017, Huntington Beach – Today an armed gunman opened fire on the Republican Member of Congress baseball team, wounding five people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.). According to the Washington Post, the gunman - identified by law enforcement officials as James T. Hodgkinson III, 66, from Illinois - died after a shootout with police officers, two of whom were wounded in the gun battle.

 The actions of Mr. Hodgkinson are deplorable, malicious and not in any way supported by Indivisible OC 48, Indivisible OC 46, Together We Will Orange County, and Code Blue Orange County.  Our hearts go out to the families of the men and women who were attacked in this shooting, and we wish them all speedy recoveries. We condemn violence of any kind, and are non-partisan groups of citizens committed to holding our representatives in congress accountable for their actions through peaceful means, and to ensure that government remains for the people, by the people. Aaron McCall, Chairman of Indivisible OC 48 stated, “The nature of our democracy is that we peacefully engage in democratic system through voting, contacting our representatives, and non-violent protest. Acts of violence do not represent the resistance, which has always been about peace and love.” Julie Herrick, founder of Indivisible OC 46, shared that “We believe that the best way to effect change is through passionate advocacy with our elected officials, non-violent protest, and electing leaders who work in our interest. We strongly condemn the violent actions of  Mr. Hodgkinson this morning, and violence of any kind, and we send our wishes for a quick and full recovery to Rep. Scalise and the others who were injured.”

Today’s event is no different from the daily shootings that are now commonplace in our country. This shooting today was "different" only because the targets were GOP Congresspeople and their staffers. However, a death rate of an average of 93 Americans every day remains a tragedy to which we are becoming to accustomed and numb. On behalf of Indivisible and progressive groups in Orange County, we call for improved, common sense gun policies. Today's shooting is an example of how the lack of serious federal gun policies is a threat to all Americans regardless of political party or social group.   


Indivisible OC 48

Invisible OC 46

Together We Will, Orange County

Code Blue Orange County