Tuesdays with Dana, 6/6/17

Today was another show of force in the effort to hold Dana Rohrabacher, congressman in the California 48th district, accountable. A group of concerned constituents stood outside the office of the congressman and asked for a town hall forum. As we continue to face scandal, incompetence and mendacity in Washington, and as the GOP continues to avoid truly facing the actual reality, it is important that we continue to demonstrate our objection. A town hall meeting is a forum for us to express our concerns and demand that our elected officials hear our voice. The current administration's recent withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement was supported by Dana Rohrabacher, and that is a dangerous policy shift in the struggle to ensure the continued survival of future generations. Such a change in tack for international cooperation on climate action is an act of retreat from the world stage, and reflects the dire threat posed by the nationalist ideology touted by both Trump and Rohrabacher. This move is just one in a litany of offenses to decency and democracy, and our group is working to gain the ear of our elected congressional representative, and to spread the word within the district that Dana Rohrabacher doesn't represent the concerns and values of the district he was elected to represent and protect.