Tuesdays with Dana, 7/25/17

Today Planned Parenthood joined us again to increase the volume of voices trying to get our congressman, Dana Rohrabacher to address his constituents. As he continues to evade mere conversation with the people he's been elected to represent, we continue to try to make contact and let the rest of the voters in the CA-48th congressional district know that their congressman doesn't seem too interested in hearing differing points of view. As he is embroiled in more trouble and controversy because of his actions on a codel in Moscow, and the complaint filed against him for violations of US sanctions, it is becoming more clear that the interests of the people of Orange County might not be represented at all by this member of the House of Representatives. This happened at about the same time the Senate voted on a motion to proceed to debate about the Republican Budget Reconciliation Act, which would continue the legislative process to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The bill has come under incredible scrutiny, and is highly unpopular across party lines. The Senate needed Vice President Mike Pence to cast the deciding vote, while the procedures employed by Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell to bring the vote to the Senate Floor was unorthodox and unprecedented in its lack of transparency. This fight is not over as the bill moves forward.

Constituents of the CA-48 along with Planned Parenthood gathered in Huntington Beach to try to get Dana Rohrabacher, their congressman, to meet with them to discuss issues.

We have been tirelessly working to simply get the man to hold a bona fide Town Hall meeting as a forum for the constituents of the CA-48 to express concern for the direction of the country under the current president, and to inquire as to how our congressman might plan to represent the interests of all of Orange County in congress. The more Rohrabacher seems to wander off the reservation, and the longer he avoids meeting with his own constituents, the more he alienates himself from his voters.

This week the numbers were large, and the voices were loud. This was the last "Tuesdays with Dana" event before the mock Town Hall, scheduled for August 1st in Aliso Viejo. While Rohrabacher refuses to attend, and as he continues to denounce the Indivisible phenomenon, we are moving ahead without him, and Ted Lieu, congressman from the CA-33rd, will be on hand to answer our questions and address our concerns in lieu of Rohrabacher. If you plan to attend the event, visit this link to get tickets. Tickets are free, and are merely a way for us to handle attendance and ensure that we do not exceed capacity.