Tuesdays with Dana, 8/22/17

Today an energized group of constituents continue to apply pressure to congressman Dana Rohrabacher in Huntington Beach. Recently while congress was in recess he visited Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in London's Ecuadoran Embassy in an effort to find any evidence to countermand the consensus of all US Intelligence agencies who have asserted that Russia interfered with our election in 2016, and continue to do so. One can only surmise at the motivations of congressman Rohrabacher in seeking a meeting with the exiled Assange, who has been labeled a danger to national security by CIA director Mike Pompeo. Rohrabacher came under criticism for operating independently of regular protocols, and one of his own political opponents has asked the FBI to increase scrutiny in investigating Rohrbacher's ties to Russia in the face of this strange trip to London.

Perhaps even more troubling was the fact that the meeting was facilitated by white nationalist alt-right blogger Chuck Johnson. Johnson and Rohrabacher posed outside the Ecuadoran Embassy while Johnson held up the covert hand signal for White Power. The constituents of the CA-48 want a congressman who represents their district. It is incredibly alarming that the congressman elected to serve the people of Orange County would stand with his arm draped around a known white supremacist on a mission to defend a President mired in controversy and failing moral leadership.