Congressman Rohrabacher’s Constituents Host Chicken Don to Highlight His Collusion with President Trump and His Unfitness for Office

September 9, 2017, Huntington Beach, CA – To bring attention to their rising concerns, constituents of California’s 48th District hosted a gathering  and a photo-op with Chicken Don at the Huntington Beach Pier amphitheater today.  Beth Syverson, the Director of Protest Artists, a group dedicated to bringing art and soul to social justice events, also joined and led parodies about President Trump and Congressman Rohrabacher.  Scores of residents and beachgoers stopped by to take pictures with Chicken Don and engaged in discussions about current political issues involving President Trump and Congressman Rohrabacher.

Chicken Don was installed near the White House by filmmaker Taran Brar and since its debut has become a symbol of President Trump’s weakness and ineffectiveness, two traits constituents believe their Member of Congress shares with the President.  Brar, who is from Orange County, said, “Representative Rohrabacher should be standing up for American interests and not peddling false Russian conspiracy theories when our own government tells us they hacked our democracy. He is Chicken Don’s Fowl Friend.”

Rep. Rohrabacher’s recent visit to London to meet with Assange and his silence over President Trump’s statements on Charlottesville have exacerbated his constituents’ concerns.  “Mr. Rohrabacher is making it clearer every day that he puts his loyalty for President Trump and Russian influence ahead of his district.  He’s becoming known in the district as the Rep. from Russia.  As the Charlottesville crisis was unfolding and we were here protesting racism, Dana Rohrabacher was halfway across the world, posing with Chuck Johnson, the notorious racist and troll at the steps of the Ecuadorian Embassy.  He was on a crusade to bring President Trump the ultimate trophy: the proof that Russia didn’t hack our election.  With all that was happening then, this was his first priority.  It’s evident that our Representative is unwilling to serve our interests.  He’s simply unfit to serve.” said Lulu Hammad, from Indivisible OC 48.

Additionally, constituents from the District have been increasingly alarmed by the ongoing blind support of Congressman Rohrabacher for President Trump’s dangerous policies, especially his recent decisions to end DACA and to ban transgender personnel from serving in the army.  

Activists carried the giant bird and crossed the street towards Rep. Rohrabacher’s office chanting “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to Dana Rohrabacher!” They continued to engage passersby as they protested outside the Congressman’s office.

Indivisible OC 48 is a grassroots group committed to holding elected officials in the 48th Congressional District accountable to their constituents and to provide a platform for concerned citizens to voice their concerns and defend their rights.