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Memorial Day AHCA Silent Demonstration

  • Huntington Beach Pier 92648 (map)

As we pay respect and tribute to our veterans on Memorial Day, we will stand in a silent demonstration at the Huntington Pier Plaza at the Memorial Day ceremony to defend the health rights of those who defend our lives. If you are a veteran, please lead the way.

This is a veteran-specific AHCA action. Please make sure your signs speak to this. Below are the different ways the AHCA affects veterans health care rights. You can use this information to make your own sign. We will also have additional signs for those who don't. If you have family members who served in th military and would like to honor them by bringing photos of them, please do so.

The AHCA puts hundreds of thousands of veterans at risk of losing their coverage. Our Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, has voted in favor of the AHCA. In order for the bill to pass the House, Republicans removed the provision that specifically granted tax credits to veterans not eligible for or not using the VA services. 

Under ACHA, veterans eligible for VA services will not receive any tax credits. They will have to go through the VA. The wait times for VA services range from months to years. VA can't hire additional staff becuase of Trump's federal hiring freeze.

AHCA removes essential services like mental health care from the basic benefits, putting veterans--and all of us-- at the mercy of big insurance companies.

AHCA allows insurers to charges older adults five time more than the premiums they charge younger adults. It aslo allows them increase the premiums by 30% for anyone who goes without insurance for 63 days, seriously undermining the rights of working families, including those of veterans, to have health care coverage.

Dana Rohrabacher signed on to all this. He put party before veterans when he didn't object to the ommission of the veteran tax credit provision. We'll be there tomorrow to say no to his disregard of our fellow consituents and demand that he votes against any bill that doesn't guarantee all veterans timely and afforadable health care coverage.

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