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48th District Congressional Debate Series: Women's Issue

2018 is going to be a big year! With the primary election in June and ample candidates to research into and ultimately choose from, Indivisible OC 48 our partners Will be hosting the 48th District Congressional Debate Series. Starting in February, we will host four topical debates with five candidates (to be determined based on their Voter Support Score) to hear where each candidate stands on the issues that are important to the District. 


For Women's Issue, this debate will allow constituents to question the top five candidates on issues of platform, and policy on a variety of women's issues including women's health, the wage and achievement gap, sexual harrassment and the #MeToo Movement.

Women's Issue is being hosted by The Community Action Fund of Planned Parenthood Orange & San Bernadino Counties, Women for American Values and Ethics (WAVE) and Indivisible OC 48!

Don't miss the first of this exciting debate series!


All tickets to this event are free, but if you like the work we're doing and would like to support us, please feel free reserve one of our "Champion" Tickets, and donate the amount of your choosing.

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