Here are projects we are working on right now...

Federal Representative Engagement

While the three Members of Congress currently elected in office - Senator Dianne Feinstein , Senator Kamala Harris , and Congressman Harley Rouda - do share our our values, it is our responsibility as constituents to continually engage with our Members of Congress and to hold them accountable for their voting record and in district performance.

State Representative Engagement

There are elected officials at the state level that do not support our values, regardless of party. Thus, it is important for Indivisible OC 48 to replicate its work on elected official accountability on the federal level to the state level.

There are 3 State Senate districts that overlap CA-48-- John Moorlach (SD 37. Majority of District), Tom Umberg (SD 34), and Patricia Bates (SD 36)-- and three Assembly District- Cottie Petrie-Norris (AD 74), Tyler Diep (AD 72), Bill Brough (AD 73).

Public Service 

As concerned citizens, we care about our community in a variety of arenas ranging from the national to the local stage. We are always looking for ways to give back to our local communities by being involved with local charities and community projects.

Public AWARENESS actions

It is important for our members to know about the key current events and actions that are happening related to our MoCs and federal administration. We use various ways to ensure that the information about the actions of our Congressman are well known within the district. Mobilizing the group to achieve this is an ongoing effort, and we are looking to work together to advertise and crowd source these types of effort. 

regular peaceful protest

In the natural course of governing, we are always actively responding to any immediate and time sensitive issues or legislation that warrants our attention and action.