5 Calls

5 Calls is a service that provides five calls with scripts and phone numbers each day. You can use the website or download an app for iPhone or Android. 5 Calls makes engaging your congressional representatives easy and efficient. Visit the 5calls.org website to get started using this tool.


Track the legislative process in congress with Countable. This site offers apps to track your legislators in Washington D.C., and keeps you updated on the issues you care about and helps you to contact your reps during upcoming scheduled votes. Visit Countable and stay up to date on what our lawmakers are up to.

rogan's list

Retired librarian Susan Rogan compiles a thoroughly vetted action list for people who want to remain engaged. This is a daily to-do list for activism that is one of the most comprehensive. Staying busy fighting injustice will never be a problem if you follow Rogan's list. Visit her blog and subscribe on the field above her photo to receive her daily list.


ResistBot is a tool that allows you to send faxes to your reps via text message on your cell phone. Simply text "RESIST" to 50409 and get the faxes rolling.